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/ Warranty Policy

We would like to clarify the warranty policy pertaining to our IE branded products.

* Injectors and closely related components are covered by our 24 months transferable unlimited warranty

* All of our IE series turbochargers are covered by our 12 months transferable unlimited warranty

* All of our IE series turbochargers CHRA replacements are covered by our 6 months transferable limited warranty


* All of our IE series billet fuel rails are covered with our transferable limited lifetime warranty

Due to the possibility of assembly error and a wide variety of possible conditions, we can not honor the warranty for instances of product discolouration or improper fitting installations.

* In regards to any custom part design and mfg, those will be handled on a case by case basis, in regards to any warranties expressed or implied. Since our warranties are transferable, we have to ask that you retain the original sales invoice, so that we can verify that the item is within the expressed warranty's time frame.


We believe that the performance parts industry, as a whole, lacks real warranty integrity. First and foremost, we're all car guys here. So we can absolutely relate to receiving a part that we've payed good money for, and having it fail far too soon. When we say we're offering you an unlimited warranty, we mean it. If you have any issues with our products mentioned above, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do all that we can to get you back on the road, track or the dyno.

Unlimited Warranty - like it sounds , unlimited. It brakes , we replace it no questions asked.

Limited Warranty - applies to manufacturing defects. Any issues that occur due to wrong installation or factors that are beyond the control of Ichiban Engineering Co., LTD will not be covered by this warranty.


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