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  • How your Turbochargers are made ? Do you test your Turbochargers ? What are the options ?
    Our Turbochargers line-up is made in house here in Thailand. We have two main lines. Universal turbo line and Bolt-on turbo line. Bolt-on turbochargers are for specific cars to use as a Bolt-on / Stock Frame option which does not requires any changes to the car physically. ECU tunning is always required when upgrading a turbo. For Bolt-on turbochargers both Journal Bearning and Dual-Ball Bearing are available. Our Universal line-up has two catergories : Extreme-Series and Entry Level. The Entry Level units have a Journal bearing CHRA and the Extreme Series have a Dual or Triple Ceramic Ball Bearing CHRA. Compressor wheels are forged 2618 billet aluminium available in both Flank Milling or Point Milling options. Some are Point Milled as standard. All of our turbochargers are being balanced on a Turbo Technics Balancing machine which is made in the UK.
  • How are your Exhaust Manifolds ? And what if I want to make a custom one ?
  • What is special about your billet valve covers ?
  • Are your injectors tested and flow matched ?
    We test all of our Injectors prior to shipment. we use a machine from ANSU. ANSU is a British company making high standard fuel flow testing machines. All Injectors are tested at 3 Bar ( 43.5 Psi ) and are Dynamically Flow Matched to each other. You will get a spec sheet with all the concerning data for your own specific set.
  • What is the maximum operating fuel pressure the injectors can hold ?
    Our injectors are tested up to 10 Bar of fuel pressure ( 147 psi ).
  • Are these injectors PNP ? ( Plug n' Play )
    Mechanically speaking our injectors are a perfect fit for you engine. Every kit is being made specifically for a certain engine model. Electrical wise , All of our Injector kits arrive with a pig tails connectors. PNP connectors are available upon request. ( PNP connectors - one side connect to injector , the other to your oem harness ).
  • Where are you located ?
    We located in Bangkok , Thailand. %100 of our Manufacturing take place in house. To ensure high quality control and high quality products. Most products are made here locally by our own CNC machines. All shipments will go out from our warehouse here. Shipping worldwide is available at low costs.
  • Do you ship worldwide ?
    Yes. We do. In fact, the prices on our website already include shipping fees to most countries worldwide. Shipping via DHL / FedEx or EMS to most worldwide locations. Expect your product to arrive in less than a week.
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