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/ Refund & Return Policy


Ichiban Racing Co., LTD will issue a refund to a customer in the following cases :

* Customer has not got their order within 30 days of purchase on normal off the shelf items. Or 90 days on custom made orders. Or another time frame if it was agreed upon prior to purchases.

* Customer received a defective product - In such case a proof must be emailed to our team. This will be determined case by case. In case the item is defective indeed we will offer a replacement to be sent. Please note, shipping damages will not be covered by Ichiban Racing Co., LTD. If damages occured due to miss handling of the package during shipping, we advise to contact the courier to get imbursed for those damages. We will help our customers in those cases as much as we can.

* Returns are accepted within 7 days of receiving the items if the item is still brand new in box and was not opened by the receiver.

Please note that refund will not be given for items that have been used or custom made products. For these cases we got a warranty policy and if the item is under warranty a replacement part will be shipped.

For more information or requests please email us or contact us through the facebook page.

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