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/ IE Turbo Bearing System

We here at Ichiban Engineering design and produce our own bearing systems for all of our different turbochargers.

We are currently offering 3 different options depends on the turbo you purchasing. Journal Bearing, Dual Ball Bearing and Triple Ball Bearing.


/ Dual & Triple Ball Bearing CHRA

Our Extreme-Series of turbochargers utilize a ball bearing system.

Ball Bearings are far superior to journal bearing systems due to their very little wear overtime and extreme durability in heat and low oil pressure situations which might occur during racing sessions or spirited driving.

All of our ball bearings use ceramic balls. Silicon nitride to be exact. The ceramic balls has much less friction and produce far less heat than a normal steel ball. 

We are currently offering 2 options with our ball bearing turbochargers; Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearing or Triple Row Ceramic Ball Bearing.

Our Dual Row Ball Bearing cores utilize the good old cast iron center section that has been proven for reliability over the past 2 decades. It features oil ports for lubricating and water ports for cooling.

Our newest tech Triple Row Ball Bearing cores came to life in the last couple of years due to the on-going demand in the motorsport section for better performance and durability.  This system was designed from scratch in house and features a Billet Aluminium center section with enlarged cooling ports and an extra ball bearing on the turbine side. 

The added bearing on the Triple ball Bearing is to ensure that the turbine wheel wont snap or break the ball bearing itself even at very high boost levels ( over 45psi ). This basically means that the load is shared on 3 bearings rather than 2, therefore allowing for more load on the turbine shaft before failure.

The following videos show how we designed it and how we produce it :

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